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Our Memorial Collection...

In November 2021 we were contacted by Signature Funerals who are a local funeral directors serving Rossendale and Bury. Hannah got in touch because they were looking for modern and unique ways to preserve ashes, which they could recommend to their customers. We were honored to have been asked and immediately got to work curating an exclusive collection which we our proud to be offering today.

When a loved one passes away and becomes a memory, we will support you in creating a bespoke, luxurious, memorial piece; so that you can you can always keep your loved one near, always.

We have carefully curated an exclusive collection using only the finest of materials to encompass your loved ones ashes to create modern and discreet keepsakes.
We have a range of stunning sterling silver jewelry and minimalist home decor. Either option will blend seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. 

Every order is bespoke and unique to you, receiving a certificate of authenticity.
We endeavour to make this experience as special as possible at such a difficult time and we are so proud to be working with and offering our range to Signature Funerals.